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Katharine H. Parker


United States Magistrate Judge Katharine H. Parker

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Lesson 36

Forget the Map

“Why did you become a lawyer? I became a lawyer because I wanted a career, not a job. I wanted the fellowship provided by a profession. I wanted the opportunity to grow throughout my working life and to be intellectually challenged throughout. I wanted flexibility to remake myself, if I wanted, by pursuing new areas of interest. I wanted the security of knowing that I could always earn enough to support myself and my family. I wanted the power of knowledge and the skills to effect positive change for people and our community. After 25 years, I am grateful that I picked the right path for me.

It was not always easy. As the saying goes, “The law is a jealous spouse.” The demands of a legal career require a delicate balancing act that can tip in dangerous directions. If one is not careful and constantly recalibrating, personal health and relationships can suffer. Reflecting back, there are a few words of advice I can offer based on personal experiences.”

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