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Kate Mitchell


Kate Mitchell, Attorney at Law


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Lesson 35


“The practice of law is a skill, and like most skills, takes many years and experience to develop excellence. To develop competency in any field of law takes less time and less experience. There is a reason why we attorneys call what we do the “Practice.” The Practice demands keeping at it, day-in and day-out; demands research, inquiry, and seeking answers and solutions from others; requires personal and professional examination; learning from one’s mistakes; and pursuing excellence. We begin our career attending law school where we are taught the intellectual exercises of thinking logically, rationally, and reasonably; understanding legal constructs and concepts, and developing research skills. Law school gives one critical knowledge and exposure. It does not give you competency. For that, you must step out after your degree and begin somewhere to practice law, with the building blocks developed in law school.”

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“Rejection is valuable. It forces me to re-examine my approach. It prevents complacency, and it pushes my boundaries.” from Pushing Past Fear and Failure, by Artie Renee Pobjecky

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