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Lesson 15

Do What You Love

“If you don’t love your job, it is time to consider a career change. You might not have to look as far as you might think to find a rewarding alternative career.  Many attorneys no longer excited by the prospect of walking into the office or courtroom every day have found satisfaction just outside of the practice of law. Your license is still valuable, even if you leave the actual practice of law.

I was working in a small specialty law firm when I started dreading going to work every day. The dread crept in; it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took me months to realize that the career I worked so hard for just wasn’t a good fit for me. After months of convincing myself to get out of bed and drive to work, I realized I needed to make a change.”

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“Just say ‘no’ to the naysayers. They will not see the vision you see, and…It’s your responsibility to live that vision and believe in it.” from Overcoming the Obstacle of Naysayers, by Wendi Weiner

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