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Paula Litt


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Lesson 32

To Err is Human, Even For Lawyers. It’s What You Do After That Counts.

“We all make mistakes in real life. And real life includes our law practice. Most mistakes will not be fatal to our current job, let alone our future career. They may, however, erode confidence—not just our confidence in ourselves, but also the confidence others place in us. This is not necessarily right or fair. But, particularly in law firms, it is inevitable. Law firms worry about malpractice, losing cases and, worse, losing clients. They also weed out lawyers. Partners reviewing young associates and non-equity partners are asked: Has she got what it takes? Can you rely on her? Mistakes figure prominently in the answer.

The truth is this: How we handle our mistakes counts as much, if not more, than the mistakes themselves. This is especially true for women lawyers in law firms.”

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