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Michelle R. Suskauer


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Lesson 42

Women and Mentoring: Why Professional Relationships Matter

“When I was a child, only three percent of lawyers in the United States were women. Now, in Florida, 38 percent of attorneys are women. And I write this shortly after having been installed as the 70th president of The Florida Bar, and only the sixth woman to serve in this role. Even so, we have a long way to go to achieve pay parity and increase the number of female equity and managing partners.

One of the most important ways that I have helped myself, both personally and professionally, is to seek the advice of mentors.

There is a Jewish concept called tikkun olam, which means performing acts of kindness to improve the world. I learned from my mentors early in my career the importance of giving back to society through my involvement in my legal community and the community at large. Presently, I see an opportunity to advance the legal profession for everyone, especially for women.

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