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Katherine E. Charonko


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Lesson 12

Three Things I Wish I’d Remembered at the Start of My Practice

“Practicing mindfulness and meditation were part of my childhood. I grew up in a family of communicators, counselors, and wonderful people who support their communities. I always wanted to help people; the question was how. Before I practiced law, I worked in professional theater. While maybe not a traditional pre-law profession, theater ignited my desire to pursue the law.

When I started law school, I knew I wanted to be there—I was there to help people. And I knew it would be hard. What I didn’t know was that I would question being there. I didn’t know how I would be helping people. And I didn’t know how hard it would be.

When I am asked how I found my path or how I ended up interested in my current area of practice, electronic discovery, I respond that I found an area that engaged me and ran with it. When I am asked how I balance work and life, I explain that it isn’t easy. I don’t always find balance, which is OK.”

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